Release Blitz: Killing Time by Ingrid Nickelsen

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Release Blitz: Killing Time by Ingrid Nickelsen

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Release Blitz: Killing Time by Ingrid NickelsenKilling Time by Ingrid Nickelsen
Series: For Better or for Worse, #2
Published by Untold Press on 2015-04-26
Length: 254 pages
Reviewing eARC Rating:

Death is the ultimate heartbreak. Evangeline never expected it to break hers after she died. No one should have to choose between their husband and their first love, but it is that choice that shatters her spirit.

She makes her choice, choosing not to transition, and finds that death can be vengeful too.

The world of the dead is far more complex that she ever knew, and facing the consequences of her actions might be the hardest obstacle yet. Fighting to survive in a world she doesn't understand, she seeks the help of the wanderers. Time is running out as winter grips the land and her companions help her search for Will. Perhaps, if she keeps her eyes open and believes in her love enough, she will make her way back to him before the Hunters find her first.

Unexpected reunions, impossible choices, and long-hidden secrets will fill her journey with joy and sadness. It is Hunting season and Evangeline will have to fight for those she loves while remembering that cheating death always has a price.

Told from a dual perspective, Killing Time brings the For Better or for Worse series to a heart-stopping continuation in every sense of the word.


Initial Reaction:





Killing Time by Ingrid Nickelsen is the follow-up to her debut novel For Better or for Worse and picks up immediately where the story left off. (SPOILER NOTE: If you haven’t read book one, there are minor spoilers in this review) Evangeline has not transitioned and is running to her old section in the hopes to warn Will about James’s betrayal. Joining with the Wanderers, Eve sets off and ultimately she must chose between Will and Josh, but who and how will she chose? Back in section 47, Will is mourning Eve when the Midnight Riders appear and take him. Now he along with Brielle must find a way to escape, but at what cost?

I waited a year for this book and I have to say it did NOT disappoint! Eve is the same girl I remember: strong, independent with her own view on this in-between world. She’s also extremely heart-broken. Her memories are back. She lived an entire lifetime with her husband Josh after her first-love Will died in a tragic accident. Now how is she to chose between the two of them? I can’t imagine how hard this choice is for her and easily empathized with her.

Will is different than I remember him. Maybe it’s because I know who he is now and I had such high expectations for him. I was in love with him during book one, but that all changed this go around. He has this hero-complex going on and it’s what gets him into trouble. It cost him his life and now it may cost him his soul too!

Then there’s Josh ❤️ I adore him and am #TeamJosh all the way! Josh is Eve’s husband in life and in death. He’s sweet, devoted, and reminds me of my own husband. Maybe that’s why I love him so much 😉 He follows Eve when she doesn’t transition even though he knows why she didn’t. He loves her and follows her and helps her throughout the book. Is that not love or what?!

The plot of this story is two fold as it is told in dual, alternating POV. Eve is set on finding and saving Will. Will is set on a new, darker path as he becomes engrossed in the Midnight Hunters’ world. The plot is dark with lots of twists and an absolutely heart-breaking ending!

I loved getting to know more about Eve’s time with Josh after Will’s death and how she ultimately went on living. As I did with the first book, I love all the characters Nickelsen’s created. The godparents are back along with a few new characters, Baptiste specifically, that I loved. And the world of this series just keeps getting bigger, more intricate, and is full of surprises! I can’t wait for more 😀

If you enjoy young adult, paranormal romance, and some fun afterlife fantasy than this book is for you!

Final Conclusion: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️




I sit down in the sand, clenching the locket tighter in my hands.

This is for the best. All I ever wanted was for Eve to be safe.

When she arrived in this land after her death with no memories of who she used to be, I had to be the one who reminded her of us. Of our love story. It used to be the most beautiful thing life ever gave me, until destiny changed her mind and fired a bullet through my perfectly happy heart. Death gave me wings too soon, but I’ve never allowed myself to fly. I’d never wanted to be set free… Not like this. I broke about a thousand rules and waited for her in this in-between. I’ve met Eve every single night and watched little pieces of her being slowly put back together. I’ll never let myself forget the way she looked at me when she finally remembered me. The last piece of the puzzle.

I didn’t think she would agree to leave her section and complete her transition. She’s always been so stubborn. Well, maybe she has changed over the years. Her husband Josh must have tamed her temper a bit.

I smirk at the thought of him. If the poor guy knew about us… I wonder if she told him. Probably not. Even if she did, I don’t really care. He had more than fifty years with her, but it should have been me.

It should have been my life.

I honestly think I deserved this last kiss. These last kisses.

I smirk again. No, maybe he shouldn’t know about them.

I lie down to gaze up into the starless sky. I can’t believe I lost her, again. She’s really gone this time.

Now the moment I have dreaded for so long has finally arrived. I must ask myself that inevitable question.

What am I going to do now that she left for good?

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Review: For Better or For Worse by Ingrid NickelsenFor Better or for Worse by Ingrid Nickelsen
(TwitterFacebookGoodreads)Series: For Better or for Worse, #1
Published by Untold Press, LLC on 2014-03-31
Genres: Death & DyingFantasyFictionLove & RomanceParanormalYoung Adult
Pages: 330
Format: eARC
Source: Author
Amazon • four-stars

When one story ends, another begins.

Evangeline lived a long fulfilling life. Loving mother and wife, she had everything she could wish for…until a tragic car accident took it all away from her.

Awakening in a new world with the body of a young woman, Evangeline doesn’t remember anything about her life, not even her own name. Luckily she has godparents to help guide her in this new society of the dead. As she struggles to fit in, deep inside, she can sense something is missing, a part of her that she can’t recall. When a mysterious man claims he can help get her memory back if she agrees to keep their nocturnal meetings a secret, she can’t refuse. Everything about him screams trouble, but she can’t seem to stay away. Every moment spent with him makes her feel alive again.

Is she really prepared to unveil her past completely, from beginning to end? Everything is not as it seems in her new found home, and her new life may also end in tragedy.

Rest in fear, Evangeline.


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    • Well for some it may not be as heart wrenching as it was for me 😉 I definitely think you might enjoy the series though. There’s a cute bad boy you’ve just gotta love!

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