Merry Mondays #7 – Family Reunions

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Merry Mondays

Every year whether it be summer or winter, there are lots of fun activities that you can participate in which is what makes today’s topic so much fun! Today’s Merry Mondays topic is “Favorite Christmas/Summer Activity” Suggested by Lexie @ (un)conventional Bookviews (Thank you Lexie!!!).

I come from a rather large family (my dad is the youngest of nine) and every holiday – big or small – we get together. As a kid, this was awesome! All the cousins – there’s a lot of us – would play games. Sometimes basketball, tag football, or simply hide-and-seek. I’m competitive so I LOVED when we would do this. As an only child, I looked up to my cousins, they were/are the closest thing I ever had to siblings and these times were the best.

Now that I’m older and have married into another large family (my hubby is the youngest of three) I get to watch my own son play with all his cousins on the holidays. It’s kinda perfect 😀 Before we all had kids though, we would bring out the board games. This was always a lot of fun. One year my sister-in-law brought the game Apples to Apples. I’m pretty sure I’ve never laughed so hard!

I guess technically this isn’t an activity per se, but I love getting together with my family, whether it be just to visit, play games, or be goofy. I mean really, who else will still love me after I’m a sore winner 😉

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