Sunday Post #52 – Lazy Days

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Happy Sunday everyone! As promised last week, this week was unproductive and full of lazing around. My husband got whatever my son had the week before and now my son has it again. Let me tell you upper respiratory infections coupled with double ear infections really stink!!! My little man has been cranky, tired, and restless all at the same time ALL WEEK. He’s finally starting to feel some better and the fevers are FINALLY gone. We stayed home today from church just to be on the safe side that he is no longer infectious.

Reading wise it was a very productive week. The #HoHoHoRAT ended on Tuesday. I managed to read 4 novels and 2 novellas…peeps that’s 1,407 pages in 6 days!!!! I really didn’t realize it was all that much until I decided to add it up. That was a heck of a lot of reading 😀

After the read-a-thon, I finished Gerrard Cowan’s The Machinery which is an epic fantasy. I highly suggest you pick up a copy! I also read a couple of novellas this week that’ve been sitting in my TBR pile. All in all it was definitely a good reading week. What did you read?

Currently Reading

The first paragraph of this book has me hooked: “Bombs have nicknames. Innocuous, happy nicknames. The thundering yellow cloud licking our flightwing’s windows has got to be a Baby Sunshine.” Yep this is going to be epic…I just know it 😀

Last Week on the Blog

Coming Up this Week

  • Thanksgiving in Sweetwater County by Ciara Knight – blog tour and review
  • Top Ten Tuesday | “Thanksgiving themed Freebie” via the Broke and the Bookish
  • The Heir by Kiera Cass – review
  • Children’s Corner | Thanksgiving crafts and November’s reads
  • Weekend Reads | What if fictional people were real….discussion inspired by The Librarians 

Merry Mondays is Coming!

Merry Mondays

Merry Mondays starts NEXT WEEK on November 30th!!! It’s a weekly meme hosted by moi during the month of December (and sometimes July ? ) to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. Each week a different topic centered around the holidays will be discussed. I hope you will join me this year and link up your holiday themed posts! The first topic is: What things/activities get you in the holiday spirit? To see a full list of this year’s topics, click here.

This Week’s Book Fix

Neighborhood Hi Jinx by Steve Demaree (Kindle Freebie)

Elfin by Quinn Loftis (Kindle Freebie)

The Love Letter by Erica Matthews (Kindle Freebie)

Country Heaven by Ava Miles (Kindle Freebie)

Thanksgiving in Sweetwater County by Ciara Knight (eARC via Lady Amber Blog Tours)

Chameleon by Kelly Oram (Kindle Freebie)

Escapement by Ciara Knight (Kindle Freebie)

After the Ending by Lindsey Fairleigh & Lindsey Pogue (Kindle Freebie)

What are you reading this week?

In the US this week it is Thanksgiving, a time to remember all we are grateful for. And seeing as I am grateful for my family I’ll be taking a couple days off from blogging to spend time with them and my parents who are coming up to spend the holiday with us. No big plans are in store for us. With little man and my husband both just getting over colds, we will have a light dinner and nothing more.

Usually I put up our Christmas decorations this weekend, BUT seeing as that is already done (yep, little man has me wrapped around his finger) I plan to relax and read by the light of the tree. What are you reading this week? Any big holiday plans?

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16 responses to “Sunday Post #52 – Lazy Days

  1. Ah reading by the tree. Great way to relax. 🙂 Hope everyone feels better soon, it’s been going around here too. No fun.

    Great job on hoHoHo! Merry Mondays sounds fun, and so does your Weekend reading.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday PostMy Profile

    • I love it!! Give me a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea and fuzzy blanket and I’m all set 😀 Plus we have a little snow coming down today so it’s perfect! Hope you have a great week. Happy reading 😉

  2. Well done on the HoHoHo Readathon but I’m sorry to hear the sickness is looping around your family.

    Winter here in Australia was particularly bad for colds and flus this year and apparently there was a strain which the flu needle didn’t combat!
    Deborah recently posted…Weekly check-inMy Profile

    • They are both feeling some better. Antibiotics are finally kicking in 😉
      Winter can be bad here too but it’s usually our spring and fall (allergy season) that is the worst!
      Hope you have a great week. Happy reading 😉

  3. I hope both your husband and your little man are feeling better, Lillian! It’s hard to have to nurse a sick child!
    You did really well on the HoHoHoRAT, congrats on reading that many pages in only six days.
    All your books are new to me, but they look good anyway, and that opening line you shared is awesome!
    Have a fantastic week ahead and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…The Sunday Post #59My Profile

    • Thanks Lexxie! They are both feeling some better today. Antibiotics are finally kicking in.
      Inherit the Stars is epic as predicted 😉 Very fast paced and hooked me. I couldn’t sit it down last night and wound up finishing it about 2am. Haha!
      Hope you have a great week. Happy reading 😀

    • I had a sick little boy that wanted to cuddle and sleep all day so that helped 😉 Plus 3 were review books that I needed to get read for December.
      Have a great week. Happy reading 😀

    • I do the same thing!! The nurse in me comes out along with bleach and Clorox wipes. Haha! Luckily the antibiotics are kicking in and they both seem to feel some better today.
      Have a great week and happy reading 😉

  4. I read one book for the read a thon but the weekend before turned out to be a lot busier than I expected 🙂

    So sorry your men aren’t feeling good. I do hope they feel better soon. Always breaks my heart when my little ones are sick.

    I might join you on the Merry Monday’s just need to see if I have room to squeeze them in 🙂

    Have a great week, Lillian! Happy Reading! ox
    Michelle@Because Reading recently posted…Books, Vet and a Break~ WIR & TSPMy Profile

    • Thanks Michelle! They both feel some better today. Antibiotics are finally kicking in 😀
      Yay! I hope you do join me! It’s a lot of fun and helps with my holiday spirits.
      Have a great week and happy reading 😀

    • It wasn’t as bad as you think. All he wanted to do was cuddle and sleep so that made reading easy 😉
      Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Happy reading 😀

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