Children’s Corner: Animals, Hockey, and Star Wars

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Children's Corner

This year is flying by! I can’t believe that next week is Thanksgiving and there are only 5 more weeks to Christmas. I need to get on my Christmas shopping ASAP! Little man is still loving school. He’s started reading some on his own which makes this mama’s bookworm glow and he’s starting to count money. It amazes me how much little ones learn in such a short time. We also started speech therapy. It’s something I’ve questioned for a while now. Little man didn’t start talking til late (like just before he was 4) and he is hard to understand at times. Some of his consonants sound the same and he talks really fast. We are only 5 sessions in and he already sounds so much clearer. I love his voice!

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Little man discovered Captain Underpants at his school’s book fair in September. Needless to say it’s all he requests anymore ? He loves this series and in all honesty I do too. It’s funny and engaging. Little man asks for it every night.

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Christmas Ideas

Every year I always get little man books for Christmas: one on Christmas Eve to read at bedtime and a few under the tree that I think he’ll enjoy. It’s become a tradition and he looks forward to it. The last few years he’s stopped opening presents when he gets to the books and makes us read before he finishes. I just love him ? This year little man’s interests fall with anything Star Wars.

I received this book via the publisher, Time Inc.. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Children’s Corner: Animals, Hockey, and Star WarsStar Wars Creatures, Ships & Droids Poster-A-Page Published by Time Inc. on 2016-10-25
Length: 112 pages
Reviewing Paperback Rating:

The creatures, ships, and droids of Star Wars are some of the most beloved and collected "characters" of the Skywalker Saga. Wookiees and Tusken Raiders; the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon; R2-D2 and B1 Battle Droids-all the fan favorites are represented in this new collection of posters featuring memorable quotes and moments, character galleries, fun facts, and much more from the first six Star Wars films.

Every page is a poster in this full-color collection, plus fans get six additional supersized, fold-out posters, and one special color-in poster they can make all their own. The Poster-A-Page series offers kids the opportunity to bring their favorite friends and stories into their homes and onto their walls, and to become part of their world.

Star Wars: Creatures, Ships and Droids is a fun book from the Disney group for kids of all ages. Each page is fully illustrated with pics from the movies and facts about the different ships, droids and creatures encountered in the series. For my little boy who loves all things Star Wars, it was a no brainer for me to pick it up! There are 7 large posters that pull out of the book including one of Master Yoda and Darth Vader. The content is easy to read for your kids that are starting to read and engaging enough for those not reading yet to be read to. We love it!

I received this book via the publisher, Time Inc.. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Children’s Corner: Animals, Hockey, and Star WarsAnimal Planet Strange, Unusual, Gross & Cool Animals Published by Animal Planet on 2016-10-11
Length: 128 pages
Reviewing Hardcover Rating:

Animal Planet presents the ickiest, stickiest, blobbiest, and oddest animals in the world!

Did you know that an archerfish can spit water up to 16 feet? Or that the giant weta is the world's largest and heaviest insect? Animal Planet's fascinating exploration of animal oddities introduces young animal lovers to some of the most astonishing, gorgeous, and obscure animals in the world-including some brand new discoveries! Packed with more than 200 vibrant photographs and fun facts about animals with unusual behaviors, strange appearances, and remarkable stats, this deluxe gift book is perfect for reluctant readers or anyone who loves totally gross and amazing animals.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of books in the Animal Bites series benefits the principal partners of R.O.A.R. (Reach Out. Act. Respond.), Animal Planet's initiative dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our communities and in the wild.

Animal Planet’s Strange, Unusual, Gross & Cool Animals is packed full of interesting and rare creatures. The book is divided into the four categories stated in the title and then further divided by two-page spreads labeled: featured creature, gallery, macroview, and creature collection. My personal favorite is the macroview spreads. It shows an up-close picture of the animal/creature in questions giving information about the thing that make it strange, unusual, gross or cool. My son loved the featured creatures. He couldn’t get enough of looking at the different animals and creatures! If you’re looking for a book to keep your animal obsessed child entertained, this is the book!

Children’s Corner: Animals, Hockey, and Star WarsMy First Book of Hockey on 2016-09-20
Length: 48 pages
Reviewing Hardcover Rating:

The puck drops, skates flash, and sticks fly-a hockey game is underway! With a fun mix of Sports Illustrated action photography, simple text, a full glossary of terms, and cool graphics, My First Book of Hockey introduces readers to the basics. Kids (and maybe a few adults, too!) will learn how power plays work, how the three-period game flows, what a hat trick is, what's up with the referee's crease, and more.

An illustrated "rookie" character appears on every page, guiding the reader moment by moment, and helping to make My First Book of Hockey an ideal shared reading experience between parents and their young rookies before, during, and after the game.

My First Book of Hockey from Sports Illustrated Kids is a fun way to learn about the sport. Personally I knew nothing about hockey going into this read and I came out feeling like I could understand the game. My son is all boy and loves sports so it came as no surprise that he enjoyed this book. He liked the real-life pics of the players and rink interspersed with illustrations. I was impressed with how well a book geared for kids explained the sport from how many players to the different offensive moves to the equipment used, even I was interested! If you have a little sports fan, now is the perfect time to introduce them to the game of hockey.

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