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I can’t believe it has been half a year since I did a Children’s Corner update! How is that possible?! Life has seriously gotten busy and I’m trying to figure out how blogging fits in now. Spring was fun. Little man played baseball for the first time, he was catcher most games and he loved that. In May he graduated Kindergarten ? I swear I’m a pile of mush! This year just went way to fast.

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Summer is finally here and little man is enjoying his time off from school. We have had multiple pj days (he likes to declare pj day and if I shower and dress in anything different he gets mad!). We’ve played games on our outdated Wii, set up epic Star Wars battles with Legos, and been to the movies to see Captain Underpants which I highly recommend for all the little boys out there. We’ve swam and played in sprinklers, played on our “dark castle” aka the swing set, and just in general made ourselves at home in our new place.

In addition to all that fun, I’ve snuck in some reading time with an online reading program through one of our local colleges. Little man was just starting to read fairly good on his own when school let out for the summer and didn’t want him to lose that. He also needed some help with his phonics so I looked into the program. It’s really great! It’s six weeks long though you can spread it out longer or shorter depending on the speed of your child.

There are 6 units with three lessons per unit. Each unit is a different reader. We started with Loose Tooth and this week we are on Splish Splash. So far little man is loving the lessons. There’s this goofy animated star (reminds me of the stars from Care Bears), Captain Super Reader, and a friendly teacher who I think little man has a crush on that teaches each unit. It’s broken down into reading time, phonics lessons and sight word memorization. As boring as that may sound, it’s very interactive for kids and based on their age and reading level. I’m impressed with it. Plus it goes from pre-K all the way to 12th grade. I believe we will be using it again next year!

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