Audio Review: Love and Other Wild Things by Molly Harper

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Audio Review: Love and Other Wild Things by Molly HarperLove and Other Wild Things by Molly Harper
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi, Jonathan Davis
Series: Mystic Bayou #2
Published by Audible Studios on 2019-09-04
Length: 6hr and 41min
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Reading Challenges: 2019 Audiobook Challenge, Beat the Backlist 2019

Welcome to Mystic Bayou, a tiny town hidden in the swamp where shape-shifters, vampires, witches, and dragons live alongside humans. The town formed around the mysterious energy rift in the bayou, which helps keep the town's magic in balance. But lately the rift has been widening and destabilizing - threatening to send the town's magical population into chaos.

Energy witch Danica Teel has been sent by the League to figure out what's going on, with the help of bear-shifter Mayor Zed. While working on the case, Zed falls head over paws for Dani, but she's reluctant to engage in anything beyond a roll in his cave. Dani's family is counting on her to get the job done, and she has no time for distractions. But when an ominous presence begins stalking Dani through the bayou, they'll need to band together to make it out alive.

Another funny read from Molly Harper! Love and Other Wild Things is the second book set in Mystic Bayou, and this time the plot dives a little more into the rift that is turning average humans into shifters. 

Danica Teel, Danni for short, is an energy witch sent by the League to assist Jillian and mayor Zed with the rift. As an energy witch, she is empathetic and can read people’s feelings and, for lack of a better word, energies. It is this gift that allows her to get in tune with the supernatural going-ons of Mystic Bayou. She’s outspoken, a little crass, and has zero reservations when it comes to hooking up with the bear-shifter mayor. 

I already liked Zed prior to reading this book. He was a big character in the first book, but here he gets his own story. He’s lovable, a flirt, and not ready to settle down in the slightest until he meets Danni. Then he’s cuddly like a teddy bear and ferocious when he thinks she’s in danger. 

As much as I enjoyed this story, I also disliked it. It was kinda boring, not much happened, and when it did, it was expected. Very little left to the imagination and very little surprises to keep the plot moving. I did however enjoy Ronconi and Davis’s narrations again. I love Ronconi’s accents, they are spot on! 

Overall Love and Other Wild Things was an okay read for me. While there were funny moments, the lack of romantic buildup and predictable plot dragged me down. I’m going to put this series on the backburner for now. I’ll pick it up again when I’m in the mood for a laugh. 

About Molly Harper

Author Molly Harper

Molly Harper worked for six years as a reporter and humor columnist for The Paducah Sun. Her reporting duties included covering courts, school board meetings, quilt shows, and once, the arrest of a Florida man who faked his suicide by shark attack and spent the next few months tossing pies at a local pizzeria. Molly lives in western Kentucky with her family.

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