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I received this book via YA Book Central. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: The Forgotten World by Robin D. MahleThe Forgotten World by Robin D. Mahle
Series: World Apart #3
Published by Self Publish on 2019-10-30
Length: 251 pages
Reviewing eARC from YA Book Central
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Clark thought he knew what grief was. Addie thought she understood the dangers of the Tempest Sea.
They couldn’t have been more wrong.

When their only chance at survival lands them on opposite ends of an island that shouldn’t exist, they will both be forced to contend with the consequences of their latest mistakes – and each other’s.

Will they be able to keep the promises they made one another, even as loss and circumstance morphs them into the very people they never thought they would be? Or will their relationship be the next casualty in this never-ending battle?

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My heart can’t take much more! The Forgotten World by Robin D. Mahle is the third book in her series World Apart and picks up where the last left off. The ending of The Tempest Sea was a major cliffhanger, and I’m so glad I did not have to wait to find out what would happen. I dived into this one immediately after finishing because my heart couldn’t handle it. At the start of the book, the brothers are torn apart, Addie is struggling to keep them together. When a crash sends them all to Nell’s home island, one person is missing….Addie.

Addie is yet again taken prisoner. But this time she isn’t riddled with anxiety. She’s prepared. She knows that Clark and her friends will stop at nothing to get her back. All she needs to do is bid her time and wait until they come for her. I love Addie’s growth in this book. Her character has gone through a transformation over the last two books, but here is where we really see the strong woman she has become. She had me cheering her on from page one. 

Clark is devastated at the start of the book (it’s ok, so was I) and completely lost. The character that was so sure of himself at the beginning of the series is going through a crisis here. His brother is gone, his other brother he can’t trust, his father is alive but not who he remembers, and now Addie is gone again. How much more can he take? My heart ached for him. His growth throughout the book is like Addie’s, and I loved getting a chance to read it. 

The plot here is tied into the series arc which revolves around the mysterious “silent explosion” that happened five years before the story began. I am once again blown away with the intricate world-building that Robin D. Mahle lays out for us in this installment of the series. Like in the previous books, we do get a glimpse of the past. This time we see Gunther’s past and a new character, Nell’s cousin. I have loved Gunther since the first time we met him, but I think I fell a little more in love here. His past was always hinted at being sad, but y’all it is tragic! 

Overall I love The Forgotten World. It is everything I could have asked for. It left me wanting more and I cannot wait for the next and final book (though Robin D. Mahle if I’m being honest, I’ll take at least six more 😉). If you enjoy fast-paced fantasy, you need a copy of this book asap!

About Robin D. Mahle

Author Robin D. Mahle

The name Robin D. Mahle represents a dynamic husband and wife storytelling team. They've travelled the world for both love and war, and a tale began to form between the two of them that just had to be told. One's love of anime and comics collided with the other's love of fiction novels to produce a story with action, captivating dialogue, and riveting prose.

The female piece to the puzzle that is Robin spends her days as a captioner for the deaf and hard of hearing. She loves to read, write, and loves all things Doctor Who. A Marine Corps veteran, her husband homeschools their offspring, lovingly nicknamed Thing 1 and Thing 2. He loves to write and spend time in his garden.They also have two fur babies: a standard full-sized poodle and a persian cat. Their family lives in Colorado after a lifetime of being way too hot in Texas.

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