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I received this book via the author, Michelle Bryan. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: The Lost Magic by Michelle BryanThe Lost Magic by Michelle Bryan
Series: Power of Fae #2
Published by Harris Publishing on 2020-06-23
Length: 255 pages
Reviewing eARC Rating:
Reading Challenges: 2020 New Release Challenge, COYER All Year 2020

Jette O’Hare doesn’t belong with a Fae prince. And she sure as heck doesn’t know how to win a magical war.

That’s me, I’m Jette. One of the alleged saviors expected to help save the multiverse. But the people who believe that bull are in for a world of disappointment.

Every bizarre, parallel world I visit is filled to the brim with trouble, and I somehow always manage to end up knee-deep in all of it. More problems are the last thing I need in my life right now.

Learning I’m an elemental and expected to help save the multiverse? That’s some pretty heavy stuff, and I don’t know if I can take much more.

If it wasn’t for Prince Starke’s guidance and friendship, I would have admitted defeat and run for the hills long ago. He taught me to accept and control my magic. He kept me grounded in this world of chaos. But even he has his secrets. Secrets that just may cost us the war with the Fae queen.

If I can’t figure out who to trust, and soon, the question won’t be can we win the war, but will we even survive it.

Y’all I don’t know where to start! The Lost Magic by Michelle Bryan is the second book in her series Power of Fae, picking up right where The Lost Link left us hanging. If you have not read book one yet, there may be minor spoilers to it in this review. Read at your own risk! Starke and Jette were successful in rescuing Jill, the fire elemental from Queen Asha, but in their escape have landed into a world of nightmares, a world fans of the author already know (I won’t elaborate further because spoilers, but y’all it is epic!). The trio were attempting to find the air elemental, but their jump was hijacked, and now Jette is realizing that all the worlds need their help, not just Endova. The Lost Magic is a high-thrill adventure through the multiverse as Jette and her new friends search for Endova’s only hope, the elementals. 

Jette is still a favorite of mine. She is sassy and snarky, but also loyal and protective. She has come a long way from the lost foster kid at the beginning of the series. Jette is learning to trust Starke, her new powers, and even realizing that though she didn’t ask for this fight, it is hers. I love that she has come so far and that she is becoming stronger because of it. Her feelings for Starke, on the other hand, she is in full denial there 😄 Jette has spent her life with a wall around her heart, protecting herself from being hurt, but Starke is finding the cracks in the wall and worming his way in, much to her chagrin.

Starke is, oh my, he’s perfect. I love this Fae prince. He is the opposite of his mother, the evil queen. He’s inherently good. He pushes all of Jette’s buttons, but usually has a good reason for doing so. He keeps her focused on their mission and even helps her let loose a time or two. Somewhere he gets a copy of a book of human idioms and throws those in to keep Jette on her toes. His inappropriate use of them (and sometimes accurate use) throws Jette off and brings a levity to an otherwise dark plot. The chemistry between Jette and Starke oozes off the pages, and I couldn’t help rooting for them. 

Jette and her friends find themselves hopping from one nightmare world to the next in their search for the elementals. We get to know Jill, the fire elemental, during their journey. I like her. Despite the horrors she’s already faced at Asha’s hands, she keeps going and doesn’t shy away from what Starke tells her about the prism. The world-building is seamless. Bryan does a fantastic job of creating unique worlds and bridging them with her multiverse. So many potential stories could come from this and that excites me! 

Overall I love The Lost Magic! I can’t wait to see where the author will take us next on the quest for the elementals. And Jette and Starke’s storyline is only going to get more interesting (and it’s already steamy!), trust me on this. But that ending….that was cruel. I need more asap please 😉 If you are a fan of urban fantasy with a dash of romance, I highly recommend you grab a copy.

About Michelle Bryan

Michelle Bryan is a USA Today Bestselling author of The Crimson Legacy Trilogy, Legacy of Light Series, The Bixby Series, and The Power of Fae series. She resides in Nova Scotia, Canada with her favorite guys; her hubby, son, and two fur babies, Garbage and Smudge.

You can sign up here for Michelle's Bookies to hear about new releases, talk books, and receive advanced reader copies of her new works. She loves to hear from her readers, so feel free to join in on the fun.

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