Review: A Clash of Queens by Michelle Bryan and LJ Higgins

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Review: A Clash of Queens by Michelle Bryan and LJ HigginsA Clash of Queens by Michelle Bryan, L.J. Higgins
Series: A Clash of Queens #1
Published by Self Publish on 2023-02-28
Length: 307 pages
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In the dark of night, by the moonโ€™s silver light, her reflection will call her home.
She will return to her motherโ€™s side, and must decide, who will rule the throne.

My entire life Iโ€™ve been hidden away at my eccentric auntโ€™s country estate with nothing but the help and chickens to keep me company. Isolated and lonely, Iโ€™d spent my days wishing for something exciting to happen. I couldnโ€™t imagine the adventures fate and an old mirror in the attic had in store for me.
Now, stranded in a foreign world, Iโ€™d give anything to go back. But, if the prophecy the oracle, the talking cat, and the red queen keep talking about is true, then Iโ€™m afraid Iโ€™ll never see my aunt or the estate again.

I am a sucker for all things Alice, and since this one is also written by one of my favorites it was a one-click purchase ๐Ÿ˜‰ A Clash of Queens by Michelle Bryan, L.J. Higgins is the first book in a reimagined Wonderland featuring a curious and bored young girl who discovers a dark world full of adventure.

We first meet Alyce at her secluded home. She comes off as a typical teen, broody and a bit rebellious. Raised and schooled by her eccentric aunt, Alyce hasn’t had much chance for interaction beyond those who work at the estate. The closer she gets to being an adult, the more Alyce wants interactions with people her own age. After an argument with her aunt about what happened to her family and being allowed to leave the estate, Alyce stows away into the attic of their house, looking for answers to her questions. What she finds is a mirror and a portal to another world.

I’m not going to lie….Alyce is hard to like. BUT I think that is intentional. It gives her character a lot of room for growth. She’s immature, broody, and at times, a brat. She’s naive and impulsive which gets her into all kinds of trouble. However, through everything she experiences, she learns and grows into someone I liked and empathized with. I rooted for her and cheered on her successes while I rolled my eyes and talked to her (like she could hear me through the pages) when she was doing something colossally stupid ๐Ÿ˜‚

The world building is so much fun. I loved the authors’ take on Wonderland. It’s interesting and unique, making the setting fall more into a portal fantasy world. I loved the characters that Alyce meets in this new world: Ora (who reminded me of the Caterpillar), Theo (the mad hatter), the twins, and Chester to name a few of my favorites. A lot happens in this book, but I think it sets up the series nicely.

Overall, I really enjoyed A Clash of Queens. Alyce’s adventures are just beginning, and I personally cannot wait to return! Highly recommend this one for fans of Wonderland, magic, and chaos.

About L.J. Higgins

Author L.J. Higgins

L J Higgins writes fiction with an intriguing twist. Stories that make you question the world around you and open your mind and heart.

Hailing from Queensland, Australia, she is a wife and mother of two children that are growing up way too fast. Together they live in a tiny house on a property that has some of the most beautiful sunsets sheโ€™s ever seen.

Always intrigued by dystopian and fantasy worlds, L J Higgins enjoys creating stories that explore relationships and self-discovery while making you question the world around you. Her overactive imagination allows her to create worlds that suck you right in, then she throws in characters you can relate to and weaves them into fast paced stories you canโ€™t put down.

About Michelle Bryan

Michelle Bryan is a USA Today Bestselling author of The Crimson Legacy Trilogy, Legacy of Light Series, The Bixby Series, and The Power of Fae series. She resides in Nova Scotia, Canada with her favorite guys; her hubby, son, and two fur babies, Garbage and Smudge.

You can sign up here for Michelle's Bookies to hear about new releases, talk books, and receive advanced reader copies of her new works.ย She loves to hear from her readers, so feel free to join in on the fun.

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2 responses to “Review: A Clash of Queens by Michelle Bryan and LJ Higgins

  1. Wow, this sounds like a fantastic read! As a fellow Alice enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for new and unique takes on Wonderland, and A Clash of Queens seems to fit the bill perfectly. I love how the author has created a character in Alyce who is flawed and relatable, and whose growth throughout the story makes for an engaging read. The world-building and characters sound intriguing, and I can’t wait to dive in!
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