It’s a New Day!

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Have you ever had one of “those” days? Well, I have and I had one yesterday. Everything that could go wrong did. Very little went the way I wanted it to. It started with a sweet husband who wanted to let me sleep in a bit.

Unfortunately that’s only sweet when I don’t need to be somewhere. So at 8am when he woke me up, I had less than 30 minutes to get ready and be out the door for Bible Study Fellowship. BSF is a wonderful bible study that a new friend from church invited me to late last year. It’s a great way to dig deep into the Bible and study with other women of all ages and they have classes for my little one as well. He loves it too ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyways so I rush to get myself and Liam ready and we’re out the door 45 minutes later only to find that my car’s doors are frozen shut and I have a flat tire…


Seriously!!! So I pry the doors open, drive slowly to the nearest gas station, pump up my tires and head to BSF. I drop Liam off in his class and head to mine. I’mย onlyย an hour late ๐Ÿ˜‰


I then open my binder to find our study questions and there’s nothing in there….absolutely nothing!!! I left them sitting on the end table, next to the couch where I do my studying.

Now embarrassed, I listen to the ladies in my small group discuss the lesson from last week. Unable to contribute anything, I pray that a question doesn’t come my way…at least this went my way ๐Ÿ˜‰

Back home after BSF, Liam and I clean the kitchen and I prepare this awesome meal to go into the crockpot so we will have dinner. Really, in all honesty it was no prep. It was freezer meal that I dumped into the crockpot. I turn the crockpot on and go. A few hours later though, I’m still not smelling the delicious smells that should be coming from the kitchen. So I go check it out. The crockpot is on but guess what I forgot to do…PLUG IT IN!!!! It’s now after two o’clock and I have a meal that is partially still frozen that needs to cook for at least 6 hours…


I did not put it on permanent press, but I did crank the crockpot on high for a few hours until the meal was fully dethawed and smelling heavenly. Dinner disaster semi-averted, I started crocheting a birthday gift for a sweet little girl at church. It’s a cute little tea set pattern that I found here on Pinterest. Well I get two cups and a saucer made and my son finds the cups. My son who is ALL boy finds the tea cups and pitches a temper tantrum of epic proportions when I tell him they aren’t his.


Wanting to avoid the escalating tantrum, I caved. Feeling slightly guilty as a mom for not sticking to my guns, I gave him one of the cups ๐Ÿ˜ณ Yes people I amย thatย mother. I honestly didn’t feel it was worth the fight and I knew once he went to bed I could clean the tea cup and put it up. He would forget it by the morning and none would be the wiser. (And yes, this is the case. I hid the cups last night and he so far hasn’t asked for them or looked for them.)

Thankfully, Wednesdays are my husband’s late night working so when dinner wasn’t ready until 8 he didn’t mind. And the rest of the night was good. I even finished the book I was reading ๐Ÿ˜€ (Fantastic by the way!!!) Liam went to bed a little later than usual and I followed not long after.

Now I know that all the above doesn’t seem like much, but all the little stresses build to be one big stressor. I’ve been staying home with Liam now for almost two years and I love it most days. But there are days, like yesterday for instance, that I feel like a failure as a stay-at-home mom and housewife.


That was me yesterday. The laundry was piled up, the dishes needed to be washed, dinner was almost ruined, and a child tantrum quickly escalated because he was tired. What was I doing wrong?! Then it hit me. Where was God in my day yesterday? When did I thank Him for getting me to BSF even if I was late? When did I thank Him for providing food for us? When did I ask Him for help with all the little stresses of yesterday? The answer…I didn’t. I forgot this: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything be in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” (Phil. 4:6, emphasis mine)

This morning I woke up with a song in my heart and the reminder that it’s a NEW DAY! So today I still have laundry piled up, dishes to wash, a dinner to NOT ruin, and a child begging for his own teacups to distract, but I won’t let it get to me. Instead I will pray for strength and guidance to complete my tasks and remember that my GOD can do ANYTHING!

This is the day that the Lord has made;ย let us rejoice and be glad in it. ~Psalm 118:24

Have any of you had a day like this? A day where nothing went right? How did you make it through? Any funny stories you want to share?ย 

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4 responses to “It’s a New Day!

  1. Melissa Tracy

    Oh Lillian…this was absolutely so timely for me! I was just telling a co-worker about how horrible my day was going so far — a coke fell off my nightstand and soaked my work shoes during the night, the laundry was put in the dryer last night but not started, etc., etc. In the middle of telling my story, I thought to myself, none of this is really that bad. Why, I thought, am I making this sound so earth shattering and devastating. What a good reminder that we should be thankful for all the things we have but take for granted!

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