Review: Through Glass – Episode 8 by Rebecca Ethington

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Review: Through Glass – Episode 8 by Rebecca EthingtonThrough Glass - Episode Eight by Rebecca Ethington
Series: Through Glass,
Published by Imdalind Press on 2015-07-10
Length: 65 pages
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Everything has changed. The rules are only faded lies and the new reality is a haunting unknown full of children who attack you and monsters that can stand in the light.
The darkness was once a danger, but now it has turned into a safety net.
A place to hid.
A place where you can fade into shadows and hope that the tar don’t find you.

That the darkness itself doesn’t.

Lex and Travis continue to move through the dark, heading toward Blood Rose in their mad dash to stop Abran from taking over the monsters that rule the world. But the odds are not in their favor, and with every step Abran’s army gets closer, and Lex becomes more of a liability.

The Through Glass Novella Series continues with the Eighth episode in this dark and twisted tale that has been called “Fantastically Dark and Hauntingly Twisted" by Dark Reads

Initial Reaction: 

This is it!!! This is the episode I’ve been waiting for 😀 Through Glass – Episode Eight by Rebecca Ethington like the previous episodes picks up where the last left off. Please note that if you haven’t read this series, there are minor unavoidable spoilers to previous episodes in this review. Lex and Travis are finally on the move after their brief stay at the creepy kids’ house. But they don’t leave unscathed. In fact, they leave a bit broken, both physically and spiritually. The question now becomes can they make it to Briar Rose before Lex turns and if she turns will Travis kill her. Warning this is an intense read from start to finish!!!

Lex is understandably scared in this episode. She knows that it shouldn’t be normal for her to crave the dark, to fear the light, and then the whispers she is hearing. It’s enough to give anyone nightmares! Yet I have to applaud her. Despite everything that is going against her, her focus on her love for Travis and her desperation to find Cohen keep her grounded. My theory is that this has kept her from changing the longest.

Travis is weary of his sister. He obviously loves her and he’s desperate to stop her change, but he’s also scared. He’s scared of what is happening to her, scared that he is now the older sibling, scared that she looks to him for answers he doesn’t have or doesn’t want to give. He’s ashamed of what happened to Jason and he doesn’t want the same to happen to Lex. So he keeps going.

I imagine that this is how Rebecca Ethington feels writing these episodes. Not only that but she leaves me begging for more!


And boy does she deliver them this episode!!! Questions that I’ve been asking the whole series are finally starting to be revealed. With those answers inevitably come more questions. But you know what…I’m okay with that. I’m satisfied…no MORE than satisfied with the answers I received in this book. AND COHEN MAKES A REAPPEARANCE!!!!!!! After being absent for 5 episodes, he finally makes a reappearance. Can I just say I squealed aloud when I read his name?!

I think it goes without saying that I loved this book! Not only do you get major answers to questions that have plagued me the entire series but new questions arise and you cheer for Lex and Travis. And Brooke…I almost forgot!!! Brooke’s in deep trouble….so yeah….just read it to find out. And COHEN 😀 (Can you tell I’m excited to finally see him again?!) If you’re a fan of the series already then this is the episode you’ve been waiting for. If you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for?! Go! Read it now!!!! If you’re new to the series, don’t miss out. I highly recommend this serial series for anyone that likes dystopians, horror (don’t read this book alone at night…fair warning) and young adult lit.

Final Conclusion:


Psst…..if you’re new to the series, now’s the time to start! Episode one is free on all devices….you’re welcome!


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