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Review: Earth Storm by Kay L. MoodyEarth Storm by Kay L. Moody
Series: The Elements of Kamdaria #11
Published by Marten Press on 2020-11-04
Length: 192 pages
Reviewing eARC from Publisher
Reading Challenges: 2020 New Release Challenge

With an impossible task before her, Talise’s strength might not endure.

The barriers between citizens are the last thing standing in the way of gathering for the final battle. Talise vows to destroy the problem, but it’s more difficult than she expected.

She draws on a new, unexpected power. It leaves her weak and desperate for breath. In her weakened state, she sees that even without her direct influence, things are running smoothly.

Her attention turns to the one she loves. But even he seems intent on making things difficult. At a meeting to prepare for the final battle, lines are drawn, and a choice must be made.

She’ll have to accept her duty, or Kamdaria will be forever ruled by revenge.

The end is fast approaching for The Elements of Kamdaria series, and y’all I am NOT ready! Earth Storm by Kay L. Moody is the next to last book in the series, and it has set a heart-stopping pace. Please note that if you have not read the previous books in the series, there may be spoilers to those books ahead. Talise and her friends have formed a tenuous alliance with Kessouku. With her army back and a large contingent of Kessouku on her side, Talise is ready to take down the walls surrounding the Gate and the Crown. Then, it will be time to face the emperor.

Talise has always been a force to be reckoned with, but all of her training and preparations from her time in the Storm to her time at the palace as Master Shaper come together here. I had chill bumps reading as she stepped into the role she was born to. Talise never wanted the crown. As the youngest daughter of the emperor, it would never have come to her if not for Kessouku’s butchering all those years ago. Now Talise’s love and duty to Kamdaria drives her every action and most of her thoughts. It made it easy to understand why her soldiers and closest friends were willing to follow her. I would follow her!

While the story ultimately focuses on Kessouku and the wall, there is also some romance. Aaden has been back for a while and given Talise the space she asked for. Now she’s ready to admit her feelings for him, but she’s unsure if he still returns those feelings. Aaden is Talise’s rock, always in her corner, and always willing to fight at her side. He doesn’t try to hold her back, instead he asks what he can do to help her accomplish her goals. Who wouldn’t love that? 

Overall, Earth Storm is a fantastic addition to the series. In it, the author ties together every loose thread from the previous installments, bringing Talise to the final part of her story whole and confident in her mission. Kamdaria will never be the same after what happens in these pages, and as Talise hopes for a brighter future, I can only hope the same. I cannot wait to see the final battle in Fire Storm.

About Kay L. Moody

Author Kay L. Moody

Kay L Moody is proud to be a young adult fantasy author. Her books feature exciting plots with a few magical elements. They have lots of adventure, compelling characters, and sweet romantic sub-plots. Most of her books have a dystopian flair. They include a variety of technology levels and lots of diversity in characters.

Kay lives in the western United States with her husband and four sons. She enjoys summertime, learning new things, and doing her nails.

Kay has been writing for years, and in 2018, finally decided it was time to publish. She loves books because they provide an escape from the world. She writes so that her books can provide both entertainment and edification. She believes that no matter how difficult life gets, a happy ending is never permanently out of reach.

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