Review: Spearwood Academy Vol. 8 by A.S. Oren

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I received this book via the author, A.S. Oren. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: Spearwood Academy Vol. 8 by A.S. OrenSpearwood Academy Vol. 8 by A.S. Oren
Series: Spearwood Academy,
Published by Self Publish on 2015-06-04
Length: 55 pages
Reviewing eARC Rating:

Spearwood Academy has fallen. Avalon doesn't know the fate of her twin, and challenges meet her at every turn. What will happen when she comes to the aid of Paden? Will he trust her again, remember their childhood? Whose the leader of the Slayers and what does he have to do with Avalon? Find out now in the final volume of Spearwood Academy.

To be continued in The Triad Wars Trilogy starting October 13th 2015

Initial Reaction:

I can’t believe that Spearwood is over!!!! Oren you don’t know what you’re doing to me….or maybe you do….

Spearwood Academy Volume 8 (aka The Last Volume) picks up where we last saw Avalon and her friends. Please Note that if you HAVE NOT read the previous volumes there are spoilers in this review….starting NOW….Spearwood is under attack by the Slayers. Amr, Horace, Paden and Triton were still in the school when it exploded sending Avalon on a rescue mission, but can she do it with the rest of the boys (Dante and Lusk) fighting against her?

This last volume of Spearwood Academy blew my mind! I’m still reeling from shock. In fact it’s taken me almost a week to be able to write a coherent review and it still may not be that coherent.

Avalon is the girl I’ve grown to love. She’s smart, sassy, and will stop at nothing to save (and fight) along side her boys. The only issue I take with her is the reverse harem thing she has going on. View Spoiler » is dead, Dante is unbrainwashed and who the heck knows what is going on with Bullock. The girl’s emotions are all over the place and really who can blame her. Add to all of this the fact that she just watched Spearwood explode with her brother and half the boys still inside and it’s enough to make a normal girl go off the deep end. Avalon holds it together though 😀

I won’t go into to much detail about the plot other than to say there were some major twists I WAS NOT EXPECTING!!! These are good though as I’m now dying for the next installment in the series The Triad Wars, which will be full length novels…

Obviously I love the series and this was a great series ender/bridge to the next series in Avalon’s story. There’s a lot of unanswered questions though and I feel like the side story with her brother and the curse has been forgotten a bit recently. I’m hoping these come back into play with the next installment.

Overall if you enjoy fantasy, pop culture, young adult fiction, and a little (tiny bit of) romance than this serial series is for you. I can’t believe that after a year it’s over!!! What will I do with myself until October?!

Final Conclusion: 


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