Review: The Sweetheart Deal by Miranda Liasson

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I received this book via the author, Miranda Liasson. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: The Sweetheart Deal by Miranda LiassonThe Sweetheart Deal by Miranda Liasson
Series: Blossom Glen #1
Published by Entangled: Amara on 2022-01-25
Length: 330 pages
Reviewing eARC Rating:
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From the bestselling author of the Angel Falls series, two enemies say “I do” in the first irresistible book about Blossom Glen.

Pastry chef Tessa Montgomery knows what everyone in the teeny town of Blossom Glen says about her. Spinster. Ice Queen. Such a shame. It’s enough to make a woman bake her troubles away, dreaming of Parisian delicacies while she makes bread at her mother’s struggling boulangerie. That is until Tessa’s mortal enemy―deliciously handsome (if arrogant) chef Leo Castorini, who owns the restaurant next door―proposes a business plan…to get married.

Leo knows that the Castorinis and the Montgomerys hate each other, but a marriage might just force these stubborn families to work together and blend their businesses for success. The deal is simple: Tessa and Leo marry, live together for six months, and then go their separate ways. Easy peasy.

It’s a sweetheart deal where everyone gets what they want―until feelings between the faux newlyweds start seriously complicating the mix. Have they discovered the perfect recipe for success…or is disaster on the way?

I adored this one! The Sweetheart Deal by Miranda Liasson is the first book in her new series Blossom Glen that follows two rivals as they find themselves working together to save their respective family-owned businesses. I don’t know what it is about Liasson’s writing, but she pulls you in to the story and makes you feel everything about the characters and town and businesses featured. Tessa and Leo’s story hits on some of my favorite tropes: nemesis (not really enemies here) to lovers, fake marriage, and business deals. With a Romeo and Juliet set up, The Sweetheart Deal captured my heart and had me grinning through the entire book.

Tessa Montgomery is stuck. She’s never left her home town, her ex-fiancé cheated on her a year ago, and her family’s bakery is barely making ends meet. She has her own dreams but can’t live them out until she knows her mother and sisters will be okay. I hurt for Tessa. She is so misunderstood by her family and the people in her small town. She dreams of being a pastry chef, but her family’s bakery bakes “only bread” and her mother will not budge on that. So she bakes desserts in her free time and gives them to people just so she can at least practice her skills. Tessa is closed off emotionally, has dated most of the single guys in town, and has to face her ex every time he enters the bakery asking for advice on his new lover (seriously, the guy is….just no words). Then enters Leo Castorini with a deal of his own.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Leo at first. I was already super invested in Tessa and wanted to protect her at all costs when he entered the bakery. Leo has lived the life that Tessa wanted. He left Blossom Glen for New York after winning a scholarship they were both up for in high school and never came back. But now he’s back to stay. His father’s restaurant is going under unless Leo does something drastic to save it. The only problem is his dad won’t listen to his ideas, says it’s a “family” restaurant and no one will respect Leo until he is a married, family man. So Leo proposes a trade with Tessa: they get married and save their families’ businesses in the process. Nothing at all could go wrong, right 😉

I liked both of these characters individually, but y’all! Together their chemistry burns through the pages. I loved the banter between them. Tessa and Leo acknowledge fairly quickly their differences and accept that they are working together as partners. In accepting this, they both have each other’s back. They are partners in a true sense. I loved the backstory of how they grew up together, the families have a generations long feud, and their marriage is not only going to save the businesses but end the feud. The alternating POV between Tessa and Leo help us to understand the motives of each character. This also helps us understand when there is a miscommunication that the other person isn’t a complete jerk. I love these two! Have I said that enough?!

Overall, I really enjoyed The Sweetheart Deal, finishing it in just under day. I love the small town setting. All the characters, not just Tessa and Leo, are fully fleshed out, and I’m invested. I’m so excited to see who’s story we will get in the next installment. If you are a fan of enemies to lovers and fake relationships, you are in for a treat with this one! Highly recommend!

About Miranda Liasson

Miranda Liasson loves to write stories about everyday people who find love despite themselves, because there’s nothing like a great love story. And if there are a few laughs along the way, even better! She’s a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart winner and an Amazon bestselling author whose heartwarming and humorous small–town romances have won accolades such as the National Readers’ Choice Award and the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and have been Harlequin Junkie and Night Owl Reviews Top Picks.

She lives in the Midwest with her husband and three kids in a charming old neighborhood which is the inspiration for many of the homes in her books.

Miranda loves to hear from readers! Find her at, and on Instagram and Twitter @mirandaliasson. For information about new releases and other news, feel free to sign up for her newsletter at

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