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Happy Easter y’all! What a beautiful way to start the second quarter of the year 😀 Yesterday we had our family over and had a big egg hunt for the kids in our yard. 170 eggs and it took all of 5 minutes for the eggs to be found. Little man had a blast with all his cousins. Today we are picking out a puppy. For those that don’t know me….y’all this is huge! I don’t do animals. I’ve just never been a big fan and they bug my allergies. BUT my husband and son both have wore me down and this puppy was just too cute to say no to. SO we have a new furbaby that will be coming home (hopefully) next weekend. Any tips or recommendations that you have would be greatly appreciated 😉

March was a poor reading month for me. I managed to read 7 books, listened to 0 audiobooks and DNFed 2. Not great, but also not bad. It is no where near like I was this time last year when I managed to read one book a month. Between my husband scaring me with his seizure and my son being on spring break, I didn’t have time or the ability to concentrate on books. That being said the two I DNFed may get a reread at some point to see if it was just my mood or the book itself that caused me to sit it down.

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Book Cover for "Nemesis" by Anna Banks

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6 responses to “Sunday Post #145 – March ’18 in Review

  1. Your time with your family sounds like it was a lot of fun. I hope you husband is doing better now and there has been nor more seizures since. Enjoy the little one while he’s on spring break. And good luck with the puppy search. Golden Retrievers and Labs are good dogs especially with children. Happy Easter!

  2. For pet allergies, find a good allergy medication that works for you. The only allergy medication where I get almost no side effects is Zyrtec (off brand). YMMV.

    You may find that you adjust to your pet’s specific dander and it will also get a bit better.

    If possible, keep your dog out of your bedroom and especially off your bed. Shower before bed, even if it’s just a quick rinse to get the dander off yourself. This will give your allergies a bit of a rest and if you have a particularly bad allergy day, a retreat to hole up in – if necessary.

    Washing your hands after petting can help as well.

    If you have carpet, vacuum twice. The first time releases the dander out of the carpet and the second time helps suck it up. I thought this was weird when I first heard it, but it does seem to help! You may need to vacuum a bit more often as well.

    I currently do not have any pets, but have grown up and lived with them most of my life.
    They definitely enrich our lives and are worth it. 🙂

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